Billboards come in many different sizes and shapes and are either static or digital. 
Static billboards are the most common.
Below is a listing of our static billboard locations and the rates for each are listed.


Static Billboard Minnesota Locations

The rate of each static billboard will vary depending on location and size.
Please Check the specific locations for current rates.

Interstate 94

Albertville 820E

Albertville 820W

Interstate 35

I-35 Lakeville 101S

I-35 Lakeville 102S

I-35 Lakeville 103S

Hwy 169 Billboards

Hwy 169 Shakopee 501N

Hwy 169 Shakopee 501S

Hwy 169 Shakopee 503S

Hwy 169 Shakopee 504S

Hwy 169 Shakopee 505S

Hwy 169 Shakopee 506S

Hwy 169 Shakopee 507S

Hwy 169 Shakopee 507N

Hwy 169 Jordan 508N

Hwy 169 Jordan 509N

Hwy 169 Jordan 509S

Hwy 169 Shakopee 510N

Hwy 169 Shakopee 510S

Hwy 169 LeSuer 512N

Hwy 169 LeSuer 512S

Hwy 169 LeSeuer 572N

Hwy 169 LeSeuer 571S

Hwy 169 LeSeuer 572S

Hwy 169 LeSeuer 573N

Hwy 169 LeSuer 574N

Hwy 169 LeSuer 574S

Hwy 169 LeSeuer 575N

Hwy 169 LeSeuer 575S

Hwy 169 LeSeuer 576N

Hwy 169 LeSeuer 576S

Hwy 169 LeSeuer 577S

Hwy 169 LeSeuer 575N

Hwy 169 Zimmerman 851S

Hwy 10 Billboards

Northern MN Locations

Hwy 10 Becker 804E

Clearlake Eastface 805E

Clearlake Westface 808W

Hwy 10 Clear Lake 808E

Hwy 10 Clearlake 807E

Hwy 10 Clear Lake 807W

Hwy 10 Becker 804W

Hwy 10 Royalton 866N

Hwy 52 Billboards

Hampton 221N

Hwy 52 Hampton 221S

Hwy 52 Hader 210S

Hwy 52 Rosemount 202N

Hwy 52 Rosemount 202S


Hwy 55 Billboards

Hwy 55 Hastings 201W


Hwy 65 Billboards

Ham Lake 118

St. Paul Billboards

Dale Street St. Paul 371N

Dale Street St. Paul 371S

Woodbury Billboards

Woodbury 372N

County Road 2

Elko/New Market 106W

Elko/New Market 175W

Elko/New Market 175E 

Prior Lake

Cty road 21 - 174E


17595 Kenwood Trail STE #150 | Lakeville, MN  55044 | 952.898.1844